Sitting at one of the tables in my Grotta, I think about these forty years we’ve spent together. We went through so many things. I recollect with a smile the first months spent in the kitchen, when the rider’s hat was already lying in a drawer, and my little son Francesco was so young…

Then the time came for the first prizes, that we won with growing pride and for Francesco to start working side by side with me: he is been supporting me for years every single day, proposing my dishes with that intimacy and simplicity typical of someone that has grown up cleaning a table and sensing aromas coming from the kitchen. We have also reached Japan!

And then The Netherlands and China. Who would have thought this when I first opened this old door? Starting from the spaghetti al cartoccio that have become a must-eat, up to my peposo I am so proud of, and to the traditional and peculiar gallo indiano , it is always exciting for me to think about new recipes and reinvent old ones that belong to our tradition and our history, trying to conjugate and weave together our past and our future. Every time it has been and it is for me like a beautiful conquer to see a customer opening the door, just by chance or because of a friend’s recommendation, or because he’s seen a review on a blog. And see this person coming back again and again. So many dreams came true inside these walls and this important anniversary is one of them.

I wish to thank one by one all our customers and the Sienese people that have made this place a special one with their happiness, their stories, their wish to find the real taste of our roots and experiment the latest savoury creation. We’ve been through a lot together.

Moreover in a few months I will become a grandfather! That will be the time to celebrate a great birthday again! Another little one running around our tables, maybe another one totally in love with the food service. Who knows? We are ready. The adventure continues, or maybe it’s about to start again